Party Wall Act Advice

The Party Wall Act provides a legal framework for preventing disputes and resolving building and boundary problems between neighbours. This includes new builds, extensions, conversions and building repairs as well as boundary walls and excavations, all of which can affect neighbouring properties.

Every adjoining owner or neighbouring property has rights or responsibilities under the Act. In a typical domestic scenario, this is usually limited to one other party but, in larger commercial developments in built up areas like Northwich, the Party Wall Act can affect multiple adjoining owners.  Read more..

Party Wall illustration for Northwich

In such cases, the process of serving notices, mediating disputes and issuing Party Wall awards can be complex, lengthy and expensive. At Northwich Surveyors, our Chartered Surveyors are able to work on your project to ensure the demands of the Party Wall Act are dealt with thoroughly and efficiently.

Helping you with your boundary

    • If your neighbour is carrying out building work up to your boundary line, they are required under the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 to issue a formal notice and allow you time to object. We can serve these notices on your behalf.

    • If you want to dispute your neighbour’s work, our Chartered Surveyors can help you manage the process effectively and avoid damage.

    • If you and your neighbour agree about the building works, we can prepare the formal paperwork that you are recommended to use.

    • Have you carried out your Schedule of Condition?  All neighbouring parties should have a formal verified Schedule of Condition prior to works being commenced, which we can prepare.

Looking for a Party Wall Surveyor in Northwich?

Contact to us today to discuss how our Surveyors can help you with a Party Wall award, survey, Schedule of Condition or any other Party Wall matter in or around Northwich.